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Temecula & Palm Springs Balloon Rides


1 hour to 1.5 hour flight followed by a Traditional Champagne Toast, Continental Breakfast, and Commerative Flight Certificate.
$225 per person

You may find much cheaper flights in the area. We maintain our equipment to FAA Standards with proper required instruments, timely inspections, legal repairs, and valid insurance; safety is our primary concern. We understand that your flight may be a "once in a lifetime" experience, and we thrive to provide each guest with a "first class flight". We have priced our flights as they are in order to provide you with a safe, quality experience and to stay in business. I have linked below a few balloon company websites from around the country to show what the industry standard is. When I see these "budget rides" I find myself asking how do they operate so cheap. Is your "once in a lifetime" balloon flight really where you want to cut corners and take the "discount flight"? When shopping for a balloon flight in Temecula, please remember, you are not always comparing grapes to grapes.

Vail Colorado

Napa California

Miami Florida

New Jersey





Phone 951-676-1805